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Wall Art Red (15)

Wall Art Red Startonight

Red is the color of energy


Red is the color of fire and of vital force. It's the life-giving energy. It's hot. It stimulates, instills and energizes. It is used to treat depression. Increases body tension and temperature. Stimulates mind and will. It is a strong color, its nuances can indicate anger but also passionate love. It is a very warm color, a general stimulator that provokes, incites action, inspiration, activation, mobilization, facilitates mental associations of ideas. In the space where you want to stimulate mental activity, surround yourself with paintings where red color predominates.

Wall Art Blue (40)

Wall Art Startonight Blue

Blue is the color of peace


It induces inner peace and facilitates meditation. It is the color of calm and tranquility. Reflects devotion, truth and seriousness. The light blue tones reflect an active imagination and good intuition. Closed shades can indicate the feeling of loneliness. Intense blue shows honor and discernment. It is a cool, restful and soothing color, urges calm and predisposition to concentration and inner peace. Forgiveness, tolerance, peace, longing, nostalgia. A painting dominated by the endless blue sky will definitely give you an intense silence.

Wall Art Green (32)

Wall Art Startonight Green

Green is the color of balance


Green is the color of sensitivity and compassion, the color of hope and optimism. Reflect on growth, sympathy and calm. Looking at this color helps us get the balance. It is a color of well-being, strength and friendship. Generates peace, good mood, relaxation, meditation, balance, contemplation, abundance of mental associations of ideas. It is a cool, pleasant, restorative, soothing and soothing color. Facilitates nervous disconnection. The green we find in the wonderful spring and summer landscapes that can beautify our rooms in which we want to rest and calm down.

Wall Art Brown (4)

Wall Art Startonight Brown

Wall Art Purple (11)

Wall Art Startonight Purple

Wall Art Yellow (17)

Wall Art Startonight Yellow

Wall Art Pink (7)

Wall Art Startonight Pink

Wall Art Silver (0)

Wall Art Startonight Silver 

Wall Art Beige (1)

Wall Art Startonight Beige

Wall Art Orange (18)

Wall Art Startonight Orange

Wall Art Black & White (12)

Wall Art Startonight Black & White

Wall Art Grey (5)

Wall Art Startonight Grey

Wall Art Multi Color (54)

Wall Art Startonight Multi Color


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